Bill Clinton

As most of you know Slick Willie was impeached because he schtooped an intern, in the White House, when he was president. He is also good pals with Jeffery Epstein. We also know he went to Jeff’s sex slave island dozens of times on the Lolita Express.

Billy boi is also well known for his philandering ways over the years. Juanita Broaddrick   has accused Billy boi of raping her and has a strong visceral response to him being even mentioned.

Chances are this morally deficient predator has done something sexually with a child but alas we have no definitive proof. As of yet. Once something comes out, and it very well may happen,  we will make sure to report it.

Former president yes. Total pervert, yes.

John Podesta: Skippy

John Podesta has so much suspicious activity around him in regards to being a pedophile his name should be John Pedodesta.

He likes to be called Skippy by the kids he (allegedly) tortures.

He is associated to Pizzagate.

His artwork in his office and home is extremely perverse and cannibalistic 

And he hangs out with known satanists.

Skippy is an eminent danger to kids as far as I can tell. I could be wrong but all of this ‘circumstantial’ evidence (even his own hacked emails) seems pretty persuasive.