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If the Catholic church continues its poz’d out ways by these disgusting actions they will continue the slide in to dark oblivion. The punishment should be worse for people with any sort or authoritative position and then go on to diddle little kids. To make things worse this sicko is HIV positive. Once the priesthood … Continue reading Jose Garcia Ataulfo: Pedophile Priest

John Podesta: Skippy

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John Podesta has so much suspicious activity around him in regards to being a pedophile his name should be John Pedodesta. He likes to be called Skippy by the kids he (allegedly) tortures. He is associated to Pizzagate. His artwork in his office and home is extremely perverse and cannibalistic¬† And he hangs out with … Continue reading John Podesta: Skippy

Harvey Milk is proof that the left/progressives are a sick breed. Milk is an faggot and admitted pederast and yet they celebrate him. They gave him a day. This sicko kid diddler is a hero to the left. There is no reason to think progressives will change. In fact they are spiraling down the toilet … Continue reading Harvey Milk: Known and Admitted Pederast

Adam Schiff

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Sometimes I am taken aback by how the looks of someone you just saw gives you a creepy skin crawling feeling of sickness. Since Democrats are the party of the LGBTQP they do not have that natural ability to pick up on danger or dangerous people. They lack a functioning amygdala so they get thrills … Continue reading Adam Schiff